Affirmative Action Plans

Delving more closely into the documents, the University’s mindset and attitudes can be observed. From an affirmative action program from 1976, the University states, “The plan also states that “appointments will be based upon the widest reasonable search of the available market to include seeking out women and minority candidates specifically.” Clearly, the University lays out both its goal to recruit more women and one of the methods they used. (Affirmative Action Plan 1988-18.pdf, pp. 29). The University has even acknowledged its success in recruiting women to faculty and staff. A plan from 2004 notes that recruitment goals were set in six of twenty-four job groups. Only two groups missed their goal by less than a single person. The rest either met their goals or even exceeded them. (Affirmative Action plan 2012-1014-f14-001.pdf, pp. 7).