Student Activism

This section provides a look at the various kinds of student activism that occurred at The University of Scranton. Types of activism includes demonstrations and speakers who were invited to the campus.


During this era of activism at Scranton, many speakers were invited on campus to discuss the topic of civil rights. Undoubtedly, the most famous civil rights speaker to talk on campus was James Farmer. Apart from this, student would even hold rallies themselves, and talk about how civil rights is progressing across the nation. Most famously, Luke Shanley and Michael McCloskey spoke at the Scranton Chamber of Commerce.


One of the most interesting aspects of activism at Scranton was how students organized events and demonstrations in support of civil rights. The University of Scranton contained an organization known as the LaFarge Student Inter-racial Council. This organization helped create events on campus such as Friendship Day. In addition, students on campus also took part in a demonstration that occurred in Scranton Technical High School.