James Farmer

This information comes from a newspaper article titled "Famer: Civil Rights to Be an Issue Indefinitely." In this article, James Farmer, a former national director of the Congress of Racial Equity, talks about civil rights issue. Farmer is giving his speech at the University of Scranton Student Center. One of the most interesting facts that the article reveals is that Student Council Lecture Series Committee funded him. Famer is well-known for his support of racial equality, and that is on full display in the speech he delivers. In particular, he talks about how the civil rights movement has become less significant, due to other important events such as the Vietnam War. Additionally, the state of transition has played a big role as well. Farmer comments on how violence and rioting will continue on until "African Americans" are treated better. Following this, he discusses the legislation that has passed over the years, but that more needs to be done for them to be truly effective.

Luke Shanley and Michael McCloskey

This information comes from a newspaper clipping titled "U of S Students Discuss Progress of Civil Rights." The main crux of this newspaper clipping talks about civil rights, and all of the ramifications that come with it. It talks about two students, Luke Shanley and Michael McCloskey, who are discussing the process of civil rights at the Chamber of Commerce. They talk about how discrimination has given Black Americans a sense of failure, and how institutions have kept them in their place. As a result, they organize protests so they can be treated equally in society. In addition, they talk about the slow process of civil rights legislation, and what has caused it. Apart from this, they mention how lack of objectivity from the newspaper has been a huge disadvantage for Black Americans.