Racial Inclusion and Exclusion

The historical question that this section will focus on is “How did the university body foster racially insensitive incidents throughout the history of the University of Scranton and when and how did this change?” Through this section, you will be able to see three specific racially insensitive incidents that occurred at the University of Scranton from the time period 1972-2000. You will also be able to see how the University handled these issues.

Please understand that the information on this site is limited and can be triggering.

Racial Inclusion

The University of Scranton understood that racial actions were taking place on the campus. As a community, it was their job to be inclusive of all races and ethnicities. The University of Scranton did this through different clubs and people. Please keep in mind that this information is limited and there were and are more clubs and people that promoted inclusion. However, it was not found in the archives that were looked through.

Racial Exclusion

The University of Scranton practiced and allowed racially insensitive actions to occur. The few concrete examples that we found through our research were the slave auction, the KKK club, and a couple of racial actions that occurred on the campus. Please understand that this can be triggering. Also please keep in mind that this is not everything but only a few instances that could be found in the digital records and some of the physical records that were looked through.