French Leaf from a Benedictional ca. 1520

This manuscript has unique features such as a fountain pen that squirted a blob of ink, the script is sometimes written above the guideline, and there possibly could have been a change of scribe halfway through the first page.  In Gothic script it is common to see notch's’ in the “m’s” and slashes to dot the “i’s” instead of regular dots. While this leaf is attempting to be a formal calligraphic script, there are some irregularities to the letterforms and to the way the feet are formed. 

Cistercian Benedictional. France (Paris?). ca. 1520. Leaf Measurement 207 x 140 mm. Text Measurement 123 x 95 mm. Text, Benedicto in Natale Plurimorum Confessorum. Script: Gothic Textualis.