Understanding the Wyoming Valley

If one was to simplify the history of the indigenous inhabitance of the Wyoming Valley to one theme it would be that the Wyoming Valley was a place to seek refuge. However, while true, this would be oversimplifying. 

It is best to look at the Wyoming Valley’s native past in three parts. First, pre-European arrival. Second, the period of upheaval, change, and interaction with colonists. Third, the era of collapse and downfall. Examining these areas together clarifies the eventual outcomes for native peoples, and contextualizes the importance of the Wyoming Valley.

Ultimately, by examining these tabs, hopefully you can come to an enriched understanding of the Wyoming Valley. Perhaps you will even arrive at an intimate, even spiritual new relationship with the land.

Finally, please note that the Wyoming Valley is properly understood as comprising Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Wyoming counties. While Lackawanna county is often referred to as the Lackawanna River Valley, all three counties are technically part of the larger Wyoming Valley.

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