This project was funded by a 2021 President's Fellowship for Summer Research grant from the University of Scranton. The purpose of this research is to shed light on the far understudied indigenous history of the Wyoming Valley. The hope for this website is that it can reach a broad audience and allow inhabitants of the Wyoming Valley to engage in meaningful and informed discussions of the history of their hometowns and paths forward toward justice and remembrance.

Please note that this research is original. There is no secondary historical literature on the topic. Further, relevant primary source documents are mostly tangential to the area. As a result, many of the insights presented throughout the website are conjecture. It is my hope that this website serves as a mere basis for future researchers to build off. Perhaps some of my conjectures will be challenged by future evidence. I would welcome such challenges. I hope and fear that there is much left to be studied, particularly with regard to untouched archaeological evidence.

Please read through this website with compassion and an open-mind. Ideally, consider your own place in this history and what the collective valley should do with this information in mind.