The research conducted to produce the contextual information from this project originated from online encyclopedias and books related to the nature of affirmative action regarding gender such as Women Professors: Who Makes It and How? In order to have a better understanding of the gender gap in employment at the University of Scranton we needed to research the emergence of women as staff and faculty members. 

 This research, as well as the implementation of the affirmative action plans published by the university, we accessed through the University of Scranton Digital Collections, the digital archive of the Weinburg Memorial Library. The use of terms such as “co-employment” and “female staff” and to narrow the search further a specific time period, the 1970s-2000s, was selected while in the process of researching in the digital collections. Articles from The Aquinas, the school newspaper, and the affirmative action plans published by the university. It was determined that the most effective application to depict the research our group has developed was the KnightLab Timeline.