Employee Gender Ratio

 The affirmative action plans reveal a great deal about the story of integrating women into the University. First, looking at the big picture, the University’s ratio of women to men has drastically changed. The first data point from 1975 shows a staggering disparity between hiring men and women. Of four hundred and five employees, only one hundred fourteen were women. That means only twenty-eight percent of the employees were female. This is not the case forever, however. By 1994, the ratio had dramatically changed. Now women account for three hundred seventy of eight hundred nine employees. Women represented forty-five percent of the total employees. By 2004 one last significant change can be observed. Women now outnumbered men, with women now accounting for around fifty percent of the staff. Not to mention that more women were at the University than men. Clearly, from viewing the big picture, the University was very successful in integrating women. 




Here is a link to a spreadsheet with all of the affirmative action plan data about gender ratios in the faculty.