From 1975 - 2004 the percentage of women hired at the University of Scranton increased significantly. Referring to the graph on employee gender ratios, female employment increased by 22 percentage points between 1975 and 2004. That is a genuinely tremendous change to happen in a relatively short period. Women now outnumber men at the University, which probably would not have been predicted back in 1975. The University had a rough transition to affirmative action hiring, but it was able to resolve its issues. Through the University’s efforts to promote hiring in specific job groups, they succeeded in their affirmative action goal. These women turned out to be pioneers for all the hiring that would come after them. In 1978 the University hired female security guards. This was done to increase diversity, but it also made it easier for some female students to talk to them, rather than male guards. It is impossible to talk about female hiring at the University without talking about Dr. Ellen Miller Casey. She joined the University’s faculty in 1969 before coeducation was introduced. Pioneers like Dr. Ellen Miller Casey, the female security guards, and the female counselors paved the way for others. These influential women allowed monumental change to happen at the University.