In the end we were partially able to answer our initial research question. We discovered 6 Black athletes that had enough information on them to use in our research: Tom Flanagan, Wilbur Flanagan, Rhett Jenkins, Phil Johnson, Irv Johnson and Eugene Mumford. Unfortunately, we were not able to uncover any Black female athletes.

When it comes to said Black student athlete’s experiences, some were easier to document than others. In the end we were not able to accurately detail the experiences of every athlete. However, in the cases of some of them, we were able to assume what their experiences may have been like, based on events and movements happening during the time period they were on campus. Nonetheless, assumptions are not always accurate.

Hopefully, this project will encourage others at the University of Scranton and at other universities to dive deeper into the history of their Black athletics and give people their due recognition.

Matthew Brozey

    Major: Finance 
     Year: Class of 2025
     Hometown: Downingtown, Pennsylvania  

Jackson Feiner

     Major: International Studies 
     Year: Class of 2025
     Hometown: Pittstown, New Jersey

Thomas Gibson

     Major: History 
     Year: Class of 2025
     Hometown: Great Bend, Pennsylvania 

Daniel Thompson

     Major: Accounting 
     Year: Class of 2025
     Hometown: Northport, New York


While searching for information on Black athletes that had been students at the University of Scranton it became obvious that our primary sources would mainly consist of newspaper clippings. The bulk of said newspaper clippings were from the Aquinas, Scranton Times and Scranton Tribune.

The majority of newspaper clippings that were utilized in our research came from the University of Scranton Digital Collections archive. Within the digital archive, we used  specific search terms, such as, “Black athlete”, “Negro athlete”, “colored athlete”, etc. This would lead us to hundreds of newspaper clippings to search through.

However, not all sources were relevant or useful for our research purposes. Oftentimes we ran into the dilemma of there being no information pertaining to Black athletics in the articles that would come out of searches, due to glitches and flaws in the search engine.

Another issue we ran into was that there are limited sources available on Black athletes in general. As much as we wanted to pick and choose our athletes, there are only so many to choose from. This simply goes to show that historically at the University of Scranton, there is a lack of representation for Black athletics.

Hopefully, this research will be part of a movement to bring further recognition to Black athletics at the university.


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