Affirmative Action Plans

In response to the 1995 Executive Order 11246 the University of Scranton would create their own Affirmative Action plan in 1976 and it would be revised in 1978. These plans would be released bi-annually during the 70s, 80s, 90s and into the 2000s, but we will focus on the plans till the start of the 1990s. These plans would be introduced with a statement of commitment in 1977 from then President William J. Bryon, S. J. 

The affirmative action plans were created mainly to increase diversity in the staff of the University of Scranton, with student enrollment being a secondary goal. In the first plan created in 1976, the student section focused on student enrollment diversity was created by the office of affirmative action. Despite this section being included in all the affirmative action plans till the 1990s, not a single word would be changed or added to the student section. The actions that the University would use to increase the number of minority students were generally uninspired and did not reflect the views people had on the University of Scranton. As the 80s ended, the University of Scranton started their campaign to increase minority students in earnest. For the affirmative action plans, this would mean they would be left behind on minority student enrollment with its student section removed during this time. It would be replaced with the 1994 Multicultural Recruitment/Enrollment Plan, and with it the Office of Human Resources and Admissions would take over the reins.