Kathryn Frund


Acrylic inks, repurposed synthetic clothing, aluminum, on panel, 48" x 48" x 9" 

 Drawn to the post-consumer waste stream, "Cascade" is focused on hyperconsumerism. This artwork processes material sourced from the post-consumer waste stream. Commercial signage from a big box store and petroleum-based synthetic garments are combined to address unsustainable consumption and unrecyclable clothing. 

A Seat at the Wedding Feast

Polypropylene monobloc, wood, brass escutcheon pins, cord, 56" x 8" x 7" 

 Two white polypropylene chairs were crushed and reconfigured to produce this suspended sculpture. Plastic consumption continues to increase exponentially, generating the dispersal of nanoparticles into the environment, which poses massive challenges for humanity. Recent revelations regarding the human consumption of plastic inform this work. Each month we ingest the weight of a 4x2 Lego brick in plastic. 

   All Images © 2022 Kathryn Frund