Evelyn Sorohan

Blue Dragon Fly on Ashes

Made from plastics from our home bin: heated plastic bags, buttons, horsehair, old jewellery and plastic pens.

Parts of the dragonfly are painted with unused old acrylic paints that were lying around my studio.


Photograph of an Emperor butterfly on flowers we planted to attract insects to our garden.

"I have digitally manipulated the photograph, creating a barcode type design at the bottom of the photograph. The barcode communicates the loss of biodiversity in Ireland due to Climate Change and intensive farming and gardening. The barcode idea came to me as I studied the work of Climate Scientist Prof. Ed Hawkins. He creates barcodes to enable the public visualise warming temperatures resulting from Climate Change. As an artist, I'm using barcodes to depict the loss of biodiversity and how the colours of magnificent insects will become a mere print commodity for future generations to purchase as the live organic insects will be dead."--Evelyn Sorohan

For more info about Evelyn's process as an artist see her website: https://www.evelynsorohan.com

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